Special Tribute to Stan Rogers

Date of Original Editorial: February 23, 2004

Date of Updated Editorial: Octorber 7, 2008

Folk Singer Stan Rogers

There is no doubt Shania Twain and Celine Dion will be in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame someday joining such singers as Leonard Cohen, Wilf Carter, and Buffy Sainte-Marie. There was another singer, Stan Rogers, who thousands of Canadians feel deserves to be an inductee in that great institution. He has been dead for over 20 years and most young Canadians have never heard of this great folk singer. Some believe Rogers was considered an "outsider" in the music business and his nomination for the hall is not being supported by today's music elite.

He had a very unique and wonderful singing voice. The songs he wrote and sung were about what makes Canada the great nation of today. His songs told stories of oil workers, house wives, fishermen, and farmers and they touched the hearts of many Canadians. His music was played in concert halls and bars, on ships and planes, in car tape players and on radios.

For whatever reasons, Stan has never been an acceptable candidate for the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Two years ago, a petition was presented with over 11,000 signatures but to no avail. This is like keeping a Gordie Howe out of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Maybe Stan Rogers wasn't the Gordie Howe of Canadian music but he sure would have made the all-star team.

Had he been born in Quebec and sang his songs in French, he would have been admired and honored in that great province. Had he been born an American and wrote and sang of that great country, I'm sure he would have been admired by Americans and Canadians as well.

I am now in my early seventies. Should I die without seeing the above made an inductee into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, then I think it will have been the biggest personal regret that I had living as a Canadian. It would mean part of what I consider Canada's culture just never made it. I encourage any reader to check out his music and help make Stan Rogers a future inductee.

Don Jones, Webmaster,
Canada Heros
USA Hero

Addendum February 13, 2007   I am not sure of the criteria for one to be accepted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. It seems, however, there may be a theory as to why the name "Stan Rogers" has not become a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. The story suggests that Stan Rogers may have difficulty in being accepted because he was sort of an independent artist and did not record for a major record label at the time, hence, he does not now have industry support to be accepted into the Hall. There is also a suggestion that Rogers did not sell enough records during his brief career and, more particular, he did not sell an ample number of records in the United States. Some even believe that Rogers himself preferred not to be honored by the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Rogers had a relatively short career as he died when an airplane crashed in Cincinatti on June 2, 1983. He died of smoke inhalation at age 33.

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