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The Boys in Red

On January 11, 2008, a small New Brunswick community was shocked with news that a school van had been in a collision with a transport truck and eight passengers in the van had been killed. The van was bringing the Bathurst High School boys basketball team home from a tournament held in Moncton. The distance between Moncton and Bathurst is approximately 200 miles and the team was close to turning off the main highway on their last leg to being dropped off. The accident happened at a time when snow, slush, and ice all came together to present almost perfect storm conditions for the traveling public. The van slid into the path of the transport truck leaving seven members of the school's basketball team dead plus a teacher chaperone who was the wife of the driver and the team's coach.

Nicholas Kelly Photo
Nicholas Kelly
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Codey Branch
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Nickolas Quinn
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Javier Acevedo
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Daniel Hains
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Justin Cormier
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Elizabeth Lord
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Nathan Cleland

The tragic event brought on an outpouring of sympathy and condolences from across the nation. The funeral received national TV coverage and the words of the Mayor of Bathurst, Stephen Brunet, seemed to express the thoughts of all those in attendance when he spoke to the parents ... "You have lost your precious sons. We have lost seven future leaders," Mayor Stephen Brunet told the boys' parents in his opening remarks, "For a moment, just imagine in your mind what they could have done."

Webmaster's Note - As a former school teacher, I have been through circumstances involving multiple student deaths several times and all were the result of road accidents. It is a terrible heart-breaking situation when an accident is student related and the Bathurst mishap affected me in the same fashion as the others; perhaps more. The students and teacher involved had collectively and individually proved so much potential as productive Canadians that they will never be forgotten. Spiritually, they will live on.
~Don Jones~

One year later ...  A Spiritual Victory!
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