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Editor's Note:

I wish to congratulate the students of Ms. Sandra Barbeau's grade 10 Applied English class at the above school who took the initiative to submit hero nominations for Canada Heros.

This marks the first time I have received nominations in mass from one class in a school or even one school. I believe this project to be worthy of merit and special consideration.

I would usually select 2 or 3 such nominations and add them to my web site as time permits. Unfortunately, I have found that many such nominations never get posted. Being English-speaking, I have also had a problem in gaining names of heroic French Canadians. I believe these students have made a special effort to help overcome these problems.

In that regard, I wish to personally thank the students in Ms. Barbeau's class and congratulate them on the success of their work. It is not my intention to select the best of these nominations but to allow all the names submitted to be given a role on the Canada Heros web site. I am making this decision because I believe in the sincerity of each of these students who took the time to compose reasons to view their nomination as a hero. In addition, one should remember, they are doing this in a second language and should be forgiven for any spelling or grammar errors.

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Andree-Anne V.
Brandon T.
Dominik H.
Emilie R.
Isabelle P.
Joey P.
John T.
Jonathan B.
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Michel P.
Miguel C.
Nancy M.
Nickolas K.
Paige B.
Pascal H.
Randy D.