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Canada Heros is meant to serve as a resource for writing essays where you can get some quick information on the people presented. The heroes are selected at random and there was no intention of selecting the "best" heroes nor to exclude anyone.

Please report any incomplete or incorrect information and broken links. You are encouraged to make nominations for additional heroes to be included on Canada Heros by using the "Email Me" button.




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This site is dedicated to Canada's own Terry Fox and the yearly Marathon of Hope campaign. Terry was a remarkable youth and when he discovered he had cancer, Terry put his own comfort aside to help science in its fight against this dreaded disease. Through the inspiration of Terry Fox, participants have raised millions of dollars for cancer research.

Simple definitions of a hero:
1. Someone who acts to help another with no thought for herself or himself.
2. Someone who is admired for achievements or noble qualities.

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The category buttons on the left below will be your research guide. Click one and then click on a selected hero picture to get more information on that individual. Data on each Canadian hero is presented briefly in list format. Should you check the related links, you will view additional and more precise info. Also, use the Google search box should you wish even more referral sites. If you find a new web page on a hero you think is a good resource to have added, please email me the link.

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This is a free website and no registration is required. It is intended to help in the research of information for essays and other school projects. We make use of Google sponsored links to offset expenses involved in operating and maintaining a web site. We hope you take the time to read about the lives of the people presented here as we should be very proud of the contributions Canadians have made to the world.

Please note:

Canada Heros is a free website and does not require any registration. Thank you for your continuing support and interest.

I have added a few scenic thumbnails to some of the pages which, if you click on them, will bring up pictures of Canadian landscapes or other points of interest. Download them if you wish.

The submitted biographies, articles, and images are obtained from open sources and published for informational purposes only. In the case of unconscious copyright infringement, articles and pictures will be removed from Canada Heros after receipt of a request from the authors, law enforcement agencies or publishers in writing. These biographies, articles, and images are presented as historical material. Canada Heros assumes no responsibility for the actions of visitors to the site after viewing these articles and images. We can only hope that our younger generation continues to make Canada proud. If only one student does one essay based on some, or none, of the material presented on Canada Heros, but at least an essay on some Canadian hero, famous or not, Canada will have gained a new hero in our national spirit ... and like in the song ... you can't take that away.

Don Jones, Webmaster
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On some pages, I have logos for the following companies: Canadian National, Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger, McCain's, Pizza Delight, Princess Auto, and Tim Horton's. These commercial links give you information about employment opportunities with each firm. They do NOT sponsor this site nor are they expected to. Their work places and outlets bring together many unknown everyday Canadian heroes.

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